Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing / Craft Room Decor.. Bare Walls..Goodbye!

I look around my Room of Chaos (yes, that is what I call my shared office space), I look at the walls and they bore me.  They are contractor beige, dull and lifeless.  How can I feel inspired with such a lack of visual motivation?

In previous posts, I have shared sewing rooms to die for ... one thing in common, they are all decorated. They have a bit of this or a bit of that to make the room FEEL like a creative space.  Even a pegboard can make it look like SOMETHING is done creatively in that space.  (eh hemm Will.. that's a hint to hang my pegboard babe!)

Lately, I have been on a mission to find some nifty crafty decor to spice up my creative space and replenish my sewjo without breaking my wallet. I have found HUNDREDS of ideas but I have limited them down to a few of my favorites.  It was NOT an easy feat for me, trust me.. b/c I like so many of them.

I am going to start with wall decor b/c that is what I need the most in my room.

So grab your favorite drink, find a comfy seat and enjoy!

Amy shares her tutorial to make these adorable wall canvas pics.  I simply LOVE these! I even like these for Emilia's room as well.  This is definitely going on the "To-Do" list.

A remake from a tutorial over at Jess's blog.

My friend Bonnie, the creative mastermind behind FishSticks Designs, shares a great tutorial on her usage of fabric and embroidery hoops. Not only are these cute but functional!  (and if your wondering, she is one of the most sweetest mamas on earth and I am blessed to know her.)

Janna also embroidery hoops to showcase beautiful quilting squares as wall art! 

BellaDia shares a tutorial on how to make fabric art canvas. 

Amy Butler  is a huge inspiration to me.  I created my wholesale account with her over 5 years ago and have many of her vintage fabrics which I covet. She is another talented mama I am blessed to have spoken with and enjoyed our conversations immensely. 

All People Quilt features the pattern for this cute wall quilt.

Better Homes and Gardens ( BHG) features not only a cute piece of wall art but also a way to use up some extra fabric scraps! 

Carla- the smart, witty and talented ScientificSeamstress, created this brilliant Sewing Elements Table. It's free to print out! I did, months ago, but I still need a frame for it.  I LOVE this! 

 I have always admired the Bob Mackie Barbie dolls, but the cost was outrageous.  Here's the next best thing. Thanks to ApartmentTherapy and her use of a calendar, I can get my Fashionista Barbie and wall art too! 

FRUGAL HINT ALERT: Want art but don't have it budgeted? ... do a google search of sketches from your favorite fashion designer or simply type in fashion design sketches. It's amazing how many awesome sketches there are!  If the image is large enough, you can print it out.. If the images are smaller, print them out individually and make a collage of your favorites! Awesome fashion art! 

Don't throw out those old patterns! Here's why.... 

Another totally awesome idea from Amy at ModgePodgeRocks! I LOVE dressform patterns. I don't know what it is about them.. I am drawn to them. (hence the cover of TOSN)

I simply fell in love with the JunkDrawerDecor site! I could spend hours dreaming of all of the crafting and decorating possibilities! 

CutandKeep is a great site full of hodgepodge crafty ideas! This was a great one.

This struck me immediately as.."I have to make one of these!"  I am so happy Lynda shared her tutorial on making this adorable wreath.  I want to make one for my mom, who taught me to sew 34+ years ago. Without her taking her time to teach me to sew, I wouldn't be doing what I do today!

This is truly showing your love of sewing! Thanks Jess for such a cute idea!

Another cute wreath idea, but I would NOT use spools filled with expensive thread. I would use the thread and collect the empty spools. With the empty spools I would either do one of three things to create this.. (1) use fabric scraps and wrap them around the spools, (2) use ribbon to wrap around the spools or (3) paint the spools different colors. Still a cute idea! 

Desiree shows her tutorial on making these cute wall shelves.

Stencils and Vinyl Art has made it's way back into the craft world and decoration spotlight.  It seemed to have faded for a time and now it's back in full swing! 

I cracked up when I saw these Vinyl wall decals. 

Check out the FreckledHound for this wall funny.

 LacyBella not only shows off this great decal but look at that cool sewing space!

This one.. exactly!... ExpressiveDesigns hit the nail on the head for this one.  I simply NEED this!

Want more Decal Art ideas? Google: "Vinyl Wall Art Sewing" and them IMAGES...
aaaannnnddd... BINGO! 

I have looked and looked and looked for the original producer of the picture below. FINALLY, I found it.. it was a special order item from Etsy. The original producer is: RavenX from Dirty Pretty Things. Her shop and blog seem to be closed and outdated. 

If you wanted to create something similar, they appear easy to make and I found a tute on how to make them.  Do a google search for images using "sewing silhouette" and a multitude of pictures are available for printing. I would definitely print them out on cardstock.
I have had an enjoyable time creating this post and I hope you have enjoyed it too!

I like them all so much and I find myself wanting to make them all! 
Which one(s) do you like best?

Until my next post...
Happy Organizing & Decorating!
=) Kristina

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  1. is it terrible that I wonder if any of these people have kids?? lol. have you found any spaces shared with kids? and if you haven't please don't look for any, instead show us YOUR space, or invest the time in your kids. ;)

  2. Hi Kristina,
    Found your blog through Hopeful Threads and purchased your notebook because I am in DIRE need on some organization. Can't wait to receive it. Just a thought: I had to go through Google to find your Etsy site because, unless I am totally inept, I could not find a link on your blog. As I say, I might be nearsighted... Take care.