Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Creativity from a Small Space

The post title says it all...after reading some people's comments about how they share their craft space with common living space, I have decided to focus on that today.

I know all too well what it's like to share common space with a crafting/sewing passion. When we rented an apartment while searching for a place to live here in La, we shared a total living space just shy of 900 sq feet (and that was including the bathrooms, stairs and hallway.)  For the 5 of us, the dog and the co-op goods it was a VERY tight squeeze. If I began to tell you what all occupied our tiny (16'x'12') LR/DR combo you would be amazed (possibly even amused) at the thought of it all in one small space.

The frustration was at a high with the lack of space and having to pull everything out and then putting it all back nearly sucked out my desire to sew or to create anything. I no longer have to deal with such cramped living quarters but many still do.... so this post is for you!

If you can steal a corner in your living space then it's all the space you need.  Below are some creative ideas to help you create yours and to make your smaller space BIG on creativity.

The one thing I could NEVER fit in my LR/DR combo was an ironing board. If and when I did iron, I had to erect it in the kitchen. What a pain that was!   A Crafty Fox shared the perfect solution (and tutorial) to ironing on a smaller work surface, this is also perfect for quilters who iron smaller pieces of fabric as well! No more pulling out the large ironing board for a 5" piece of fabric!

 Joyful Lova shares her compact sewing area, this is her original picture from 2009. It is a larger table tucked in a corner with all of her sewing supplies still close at hand. 

Since then, a later photo post reveals the same area but with an Ikea shelf on top of the table. This allowed a ton of more storage for all of her sewing and crafting goods. Since the photo is protected, here is the link: Joyful Lova 2012

Debbie Cook posted on ArtisansSquare a picture of her mini studio she created in her master bedroom closet.. this is fabulous and actually what I was planning on doing if we gave the 4th bedroom to our son.  I simply love the fact that she utilized the wall for storage of her threads. Clever!

Karen M Andersen shared her quaint sewing space. If you look closely, her desk has shelving storage on each side and at the bottom near her shins. She also dressed it up by creating matching fabric accessories.  Her space looks so inviting and cheerful. 

Bellnad shows how her desk has ample amount of storage which she utilized well. She could easily remove her machine for a time and have a decent sized cutting area. 

Even the smallest of spaces that can fit a desk can be ideal. Sew Lola gives us a peek at her sewing nook. 

Danielle T  from TinyBazaar created the cutest corner sewing area. She decorated it with creative flare. I simply love this space. (if you click on her name it takes you to her Etsy interview about her space)

Serena from The Farm Chicks featured this amazing use of space. I originally found this picture on Pinterest, but after searching her blog forEVER, it seems she switched it up to a computer station. None the less, the sewing area picture is awesome! 

Don't have room for a desk?  Have no fear!

A small kitchen island is also a unique spot to sew and store your sewing goods. It even offers a seating area where you can place your machine to sew. 

I recently acquired a 1920's Martha Washington sewing cabinet from my Grandmother which was my great aunt's. It had an array of goodies in it, including an old bag of antique buttons (which are sooo cool)..anyway.. here is a pic of one (this is not mine but mine is similiar). I have seen pictures of mama's putting machine's on top and using this as their sewing space. 

  If you don't have a desk and/or money is tight, look no further than Craigslist or your local yard sale for an old sewing cabinet, many go for as low as $7. 

OR better yet... 

If your handy or know someone who is, you can make this uber cool space saving sewing table.  
Ana White  offers her plans for free. Her whole site is filled with amazing furniture plans.  I basically have built (in my head) furniture for my whole house! LOL!.

Small sewing spaces can still be very functional and to continue the possibilities you only have to look UP.  The wall is a great place to start! Utilize that space to the best of it's ability.  You may only have a few square feet of floor space, but the wall is an empty storage canvas! 

Making small sewing spaces even more functional would be to add a shelf for storage. 
The Little Green Bean shows off her new shelf that her hubby made and a tutorial on using foam for her fabric storage. 

Another inspiring wall shelf storage idea was spotted on Craft Passion. She breaks down her storage ideas for almost evey thing one needs for a successful sewing area. 

This is so cute how this mama added her personality to her area.  Check out Skooks Sewing Room.

Pegboards.. it's not just for men's tools any longer! This great storage idea has moved from the garage INTO the main house.  (I recently bought some, now I'm just waiting for Will to put it up for me.) 
Pegboard is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most home and garden supply stores. 

Abi's Nina shared how she used pegboard on Quilting Board

Mrs. Chic from Chic Little House turns a closet into her sewing space and uses pegboard!

I hope my post inspired mama's of all size sewing areas to utilize their spaces to it's fullest capacity!

Happy Organizing!
=) Kristina

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