Monday, June 11, 2012

Organize A Long #4... Needles & Storage Ideas

I know I'm skipping around TOSN's chapters, but after getting feedback, needles seemed to be agreed upon as the next item to focus on.  Many of the mamas following along are still inventorying and logging other items we have covered, so I figured needles would be an easy task.

My main focus today will be on Machine needles and tomorrow I will focus on hand sewing needles. I will create and make a free printable available for hand needles also tomorrow.

Now you have a handful of needles.. now where to store them....hmmm... I personally keep all of mine in a plastic pencil box, I don't really like the system, but it works for me.. (for the time being)..but I wanted to share some great ideas I found ...

Vicki's Fabric Creations shares with us a tutorial for this adorable machine needle storage organizer. I personally LOVE this...

Angie's Bits and Pieces shares a tutorial for her needle storage & organizer.

This next storage idea is simply brilliant!  I know I have a few of these around the house (I'm thinking.. bye bye pencil box!)  All it is is a weekly pill/medicine reminder case.  You can get these at your local dollar store for a buck! Also available are the 2-sided compartments.


more pill storage ideas.. I like this one as well.

Michie tell us to save those pharmacy plastic containers!  Simply wash them out, create labels and VOILA! needle storage! 

Plastic compartment boxes also provide great storage and can be found at almost any store that carries household and/or crafting goods.

I have expressed my love of wooden boxes. I'm sure anyone handy can remake this for much cheaper, but if not... this one is still quite amazing and can be found here.

Crafts2Do offers these great jars for sale. These are also great for buttons! 

Amazon offers a great selection of storage boxes.. the use of something like this is limitless.  
And finally.. if your hubby or someone you know has a fishing box that is not in use and isn't covered with smelly fishing adventure remnants ... feel free to snag it!  Fishing tackle boxes are no longer for fishing.. they offer a multitude of storage compartments that lock up safe to keep lil hands out!
I personally like this one..

Hope you find the right needle storage and organization for you!  If your storage solution isn't featured, please share yours, we would love to see it!

Happy Organizing!
=) Kristina


  1. I love the idea of using a weekly pill organizer and reusing the old pill bottles! I may have to hit the dollar store this week!

  2. Great ideas! I love the pill boxes, they won't take up much room and are inexpensive and I love being able to see inside at a quick glance. Thanks for compiling this list!

  3. A fishing box is what we used to store/carry our supplies in fashion design school. Perhaps I should get mine out of the garage & back in the house : )

    I keep most of my needles, along with me feet, in the little box that came with my machine. It isn't a handy way to know which size or type of needle I have, though. I'm gonna have to look at those tutorials.