Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ribbons, RIbbons, where for art there to store you?

Back on track with Organizing our Notions!  Hoping everyone is still on board and chugging along!

So, carrying one, we are going to feature Ribbon Storage....

I keep my ribbons in a conventional Sterilite drawer system, boring, not very pretty but it's functional.  After doing a sweep on the web, I found some super cute, decorative and nifty ideas for ribbon storage and waned to share.

Nichole shares a space saving idea! I use the boards for my embroidery floss, I never thought about using it for ribbon!  

Hannah shares her unique way of her ribbon storage... including a tutorial. 

Crafty Storage.. the name says it all.  Simple, Practical and Decorative. 

All People Quilt does it again with another great & pretty idea!

Everything Etsy has a very educational blog. Take a few moments and browse through it. 

Hanging ribbon organization! Great use of space and a pants hanger! 

Craftzine shares the tutorial for this pretty ribbon storage... 

ANOTHER great tutorial! Nichole shares her ribbon storage plans.

I hope I have inspired you to dig out, organize and take inventory of all your ribbons.  I know that I have to tackle mine and I'm going to use of these ideas to do it!

If you store your ribbon in a unique way that isn't featured, please share your idea!

Happy Organizing!
=) Kristina


  1. here's how I store mine... I just love the look of the cascading colors :)

  2. I don't have that many ribbon spools, only a dozen or so, but I used a few lengths of leftover yarn, 36" or more, and I braided them together, then strung the spools of ribbon onto the braid. I tacked both ends of the braid up on the wall in some empty space. (Horizontally) They are organized, out of the way, but easily accessible. Plus, I didn't have to build or buy anything.